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2 Bedroom deluxe

This is 2 bedroom deluxe and is south faced, big, has an attached bathroom and the most elegant room in Dormitory Nepal. This two bedroom in our hostel till day is also equipped with one extra long bed of size 7ft in length and 3 and half feet in width and a second bed with 6ft long and 2 and half feet wide. This bedroom in our hostel is the only bed room which is not a dorm room.

This 2 bedroom deluxe room is fully furnished and has a very big closet to store your clothes for short and long term. The room is also carpeted and has a tea table, one study table and has 24 hour electricity backup. This is the only room in the entire hostel with not only a backup light but also a charging station.

The bedding as well as all the linen used in all of our rooms are 100% handmade and is free of child and forced labour. The beddings are changed after every guest leaves the room, before renting out to our new guests.

This bedroom is 20 square feet and offers a beautiful view of the garden as well as the main entrance gate. The bathroom is equipped with modern accessories and has continued supply of hot and cold water. The running water in our 2 bedroom deluxe as other rooms is delivered by one of the drinking water suppliers in Kathmandu city, which is clean and safe of bathing, cleaning and washing purpose.

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what is included

    • Free towels
    • On request house keeping
    • Free WIFI access
    • Free Individual large in room lockers
    • Free access to closet and dressing table
    • Free Access to Terrace and Balconies
    • Free Access to lawn and garden
    • 24 hrs hot/cold water
    • On request laundry service