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Starts from only $5 per night per person

6 bedroom dorm

This is the most affordable room plan in our hostel. Get a bed in our 6 bedroom dorm for just $5 and make yourself home in one of the big and bright rooms. Even at just US$5 you will have access to one of the lockers inside the room where you can store your valuables. Each and every bed 6 bedroom dorm is 3 and half feet wide and 7 feet long which provides our hostel in Kathmandu an edge over other hostels.

Along with the in room lockers, we have cloth hangers which makes it easier for you to hang your clothes without having them to slide it in your bag every time.  You have access to sunny balconies, terrace, garden and lawn and the lobby. The rooms are big, bright and beautiful with beautiful pictures of Mountains in Nepal.

The beds in 6 bedroom dorm are bunk beds and the mattresses, pillows and blankets are all traditional and are handmade by underprivileged women. The beds are iron made The bed sheet’s, pillow cover’s and blanket cover’s are changed and washed and disinfected after one usage. Every new guest sleeps on a fresh piece of bed sheet, pillow cover and blanket cover. If you are ready make a reservation with us!

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what is included

    • Bed
    • Common Restrooms
    • Free WIFI access
    • Free Individual large in room lockers
    • Free Access to Terrace and Balconies
    • Free Access to lawn and garden
    • 24 hrs hot/cold water