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Starts from only $5 per night per person

6 bedroom dorm

6 bedroom dorm is probably the cheapest accommodation in Nepal. This category of room has 3 bunk beds and accommodate 6 guests at a time. The beds are 3 and half feet wide and 7 feet long. We offer bed size of such to accommodate big and tall people from around the world. The mattress on these beds are handmade by under privilege women of rural Nepal. The material used for making these mattresses is cotton. These cotton beds come from the ancient times ensuring good sleep. Furthermore, cotton beds are also considered good for people with back problems.

Since the entire house resembles to that of a castle, the rooms also give you a royal feeling. The rooms are big and bright and they are more or less oval in shape and not square. Despite being the cheapest accommodation, these rooms are spacious. The room consists of a fan, lights, locker and charging points. We have the most minimalistic approach to our rooms which will offer you a very good night sleep. On the other hand, the rooms do not offer materialistic comfort.

There are 3 of these 6 bed room dorm at our facility. These rooms have direct access to the balcony and open space. Out of these rooms, one of them has garden and road view. This room is the warmest of all rooms as it has direct access to the sun. If you are looking for cheapest accommodation in Nepal, come be our guest!

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what is included

    • Bed
    • Common Restrooms
    • Free WIFI access
    • Free Individual large in room lockers
    • Free Access to Terrace and Balconies
    • Free Access to lawn and garden
    • 24 hrs hot/cold water
    • Free Towels
    • Free Toilet paper
    • Kitchen Access