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Blogs and News We have had plenty of guests who have had good, better and best experience with us! We are blessed to have been accommodated by wonderful humans from all around the world who have contributed in their own ways. We had cyclist, musician, trekkers, guru’s and people from all diverse field but almost all were very good writers and many were blogging. Gone are the days when people looked at websites and visited some places, many now read blogs and news before they decide on their next move. For us our business is everything and it is sad but true that we are the best lawyers for our own things and the best judges for others and we want you to be a good judge as well as a good lawyer. We have created this page for the sole reason of posting blogs and news from interested guests who have accommodated with us. This will allow our future guests to learn more about our good and bad aspects before deciding to come and experience our world. Hope you will enjoy blogging for us and we will share news for you! We are looking forward to your blog posts and if you do not know how to post a blog it is simple, just email it to us and we will post it on behalf of you. Enjoy our blogs and news section!