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Be Careful if you are Volunteering in Nepal

Hi guys! I’m so sorry for writing you back as I don’t want to disturb you…but I think it’s important for you to know:
We are almost sure, that people we know from Spain, had given money aswell to the nepali guys of the foundation we talked you about. (3000euros). And as you could imagine and because of what we saw in that school, nothing has done there with that money. I don’t know what they used it for, I don’t even want to think about it, but it’s not for sure to help children who had suffered after the earthquake.
I feel even more frustated now but I write you in order to say: 1) Please, keep doing the work you do the way you’re doing, with that transparency because I think it can really help good people who wants to help trusting you!
2) Now that you know what had happened to us, you could maybe inform to all those tourist that might go to dormitory Nepal and want to help, to be careful.
I volunteer myself if you want to give my email to any tourist who wants to help and has doubts about how to do it. Just to not make the same mistakes we did, because it’s a pitty. I really think your country deserves help smile emoticon
That’s all! We’ll keep you inform about how the things go on, but if we make sure that this quantity of money was sent and they don’t send any bills about this money being used for good things, we’ll fight somehow for justice, so we might need your help wink emoticon
Thanks smile emoticon take care! – Goggy Ge & Tga Maia  

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