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Parking and Security

The location and ambiance of our hostel is such that it is in a very posh residential area in Kathmandu.  For that reason we are blessed with a big property and it offers us good parking and security. It makes our hostel in Nepal significant and separates us from the rest. The uncontrolled growth of the population in Kathmandu has left us with drawbacks like lack of parking spots in many places of the city.

The idea of an ideal bed and breakfast in Nepal with plenty of space to park vehicles has been an edge of Dormitory Nepal and above all it is free. Parking and security for vehicles have been a big problem but we have space enough to park one mini bus or 3 compact sized car or 2 full size sedan. Immediately outside the premises of our dormitory is also a community parking spot which could be used to park vehicles, just in case.

It’s not just about parking cars and suv’s but also two wheelers. Around 15-20 motorcycle can fit in the premises whereas additional 20 when it comes to bicycles or mountain bikes. If you are looking for a budget accommodation with plenty of parking space, stop by at our backpackers’ inn.


Security is a prime concern for travellers, in a growing metropolis like Kathmandu, which happens to be the capital city of Nepal and the largest metropolis in Nepal. We are centrally located very close to central bank of Nepal, the police headquarters, the police training centre and more importantly the american embassy to Nepal which gives you an idea that our backpackers hostel is amongst few in a very secured locations. Adding to the locality, the area police station sits right across the street and further more our bed and breakfast is protected by high boundary walls.