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Volunteering in Orphanage

If you are looking for volunteer opportunity while you are in Nepal, no volunteering would be more noble than being a volunteering in orphanage.  We are in collaboration with 2 orphanages in kathmandu which  is home to over 20 orphans. These kids are being taken care for, are given food, aren’t forced to child and above all they go to private schools. Unlike other orphanages, these orphanages have these kids year around and send them to a private school where they have additional care.

As a part of volunteering in orphanage your daily chore include helping these kids with their homework, preparing breakfast and lunch for them, making them ready for school and conduct after school activities. Since they have been on their own since their childhood these kids need extra attention on everyday life teaching and you could be a part of their bright future.

The cost of volunteering for a week is US$100 for per person and the amount of money charged for volunteering in orphanage goes directly to the orphanage itself. Your one step towards these kids and your generous contribution may help children get a pair of clothes, another day of meal or a month’s school fee.  Please checkout what is included in our package!

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what is included


    • Teach English
    • Help with Homework
    • Help with cooking breakfast for kids
    • Help younger children dress for school
    • Drop children at School. (5 minute walk from home)

    Day (while kids are away at school)

    • Help with Facebook updates or any social media promotion.
    • Help with fund-raising / awareness about children home
    • Help contact other International NGO working for children’s causes.

    4:00 PM Onwards (Children come back from School)

    • Bring Children back from school
    • Help them with their daily homework
    • Engage, Entertaining and Play games with kids