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Yoga and Meditation

yoga1Welcome to the world of spirituality, Yoga and Meditation in Dorm Nepal! This is a brand new concept introduced by our hostel and available only at our hostel. It is a fact that joy comes from being healthy from body, mind and soul. Hence, to ensure our guests health we introduce yoga and meditation lessons.

Why yoga and meditation? Because, it is deeply rooted in the Nepalese soil. Since centuries the ascetics have been meditating on the Himalayas of this country. Be it for achieving Nirvana or for detachment, yoga and meditation is the best. Thus, we bring the age old practice to this modern world.

The  lessons offered at our hostel in Nepal is basic. Despite of its basic level, both the novice and an expert can enjoy aligning mind and body. These lessons are exclusive to months March – May and September – November. The lessons are either offered in the garden or in one of our quiet rooms. Our location much favors to activities like these.

These yoga and meditation lessons are available only for group of 5 or more. Last but not the least, the lessons are absolutely free for our guests. Please book your lessons today by booking your stay with us!


  • 7 days  (free)

Rates and timings

The basic lessons offered by us is free. However, a group of 5 or more needs to be formed to begin weekly classes. Please email us to find out about advanced Yoga and meditation rates offered at Dormitory Nepal.

Timing: 7:00 A.M Days: Monday and Thursday (Timings are flexible and can be adjusted accordingly)