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About Us

Youth Hostel in Kathmandu

Namaste and warm welcome to the best hostel in Kathmandu !

Dormitory Nepal takes a great pleasure in thanking our guests for staying at our property and and making it the best hostel in Kathmandu. We would not have made it this far without the lovely souls who decided to call our property home away from home. The endless jokes, late night laughters, birthday celebrations, listening to music over portable speakers and making new friends and sometimes funny stuffs has now become part of our memories and daily life.

We still take pride in having this beautiful building as our hostel property, which is located in a serene and local neighborhood. The reason behind the location was to avoid all the chaos of the city, noise and above all to provide you with a place where you can have a good night sleep. Furthermore, we wanted you to be a traveller who would see the real Nepal and not a tourist who would be shown around the town.

Nevertheless, we still enjoy those little talks with our guests and spend endless hours talking. We love listening to your travel stories from all around the world and love listening to your travel needs in Nepal. We are obliged to our guests who praised our goods and suggested improvements, because of them we have made it to the top of some accommodation booking sites. We would as well look forward to accommodating our future guests and returning guests and are looking forward to share beautiful memories making our youth hostel in Nepal the best ever hostel in the country !