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about Dormitory Nepal

About Us

Welcome to year 2019 and the best hostel in Nepal! 5 years down the memory lane and we still take a pride in calling our hostel a very warm, happening, and a happy place. The place where stories from around the world comes to life. The place where people meet, fall in love, laugh, cry, and eventually make memories.

We are in the year 2019, a year away from visit Nepal 2020. The year for welcoming more travelers than ever in the history of Nepal. We look forward to becoming your host for the year 2020. We look forward to making you feel homely. Above all, we look forward to making your stay memorable.

Furthermore, we still enjoy those little talks with our guests. We still love to provide you with the opportunity to mix with the local community. Eat, sleep and accommodate in the most original Nepalese way. Come, join us in this beautiful journey of life, get connected with us. We are not just another accommodation in Nepal, we are story weavers. Share with us your stories from around the world and show us the world through your lenses.

Come join us for one yoga sessions. Join us for the next charity of ours, paint our wall with the colors of your memories. Teach us something and we teach you a little. Let us taste your cuisine and we let you taste ours. All in all, let us make memories of lifetime together. Dormitory Nepal welcomes you to our property. With your presence, this house becomes a home.