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Starts from only $5 per night per person

Monthly Rental

Monthly rental is targeted at travellers who are in Nepal for a longer period of time for any particular reason. All the available rooms in our facility is available for monthly rental. The rooms are available for rent either for single occupancy or for group of maximum 3.

Monthly rental is available from 12000/month. The package includes free wifi. For an additional charges you can get access to kitchen and prepare the meal of your choice. If you are staying for a long term in Kathmandu and looking for a room or flat to rent, this accommodation would be very ideal for you.  We have hand carved wooden bed with hand made traditional mattresses on it. The bed sheets are changed upon the request of guest and in not less than 3 days. The sheets, pillow covers and blanket covers are changed after every single usage.

The setting of the room will be completely private and partitioned. The rooms will be furnished and will have all the basic requirement to accommodate you with a charm on a long run. Monthly rental guests are not mixed with daily basis or weekly basis guests, until and unless you want it to happen. You will get access to garden, terrace and balconies and all the other basic amenities which is available for free.

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what is included

    • Bed & Breakfast
    • Common Restrooms
    • Free WIFI access
    • Free Individual large in room lockers
    • Free Access to Terrace and Balconies
    • Free Access to lawn and garden
    • 24 hrs hot/cold water