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Starts from only $5 per night per person

NEPAL most important information….

NEPAL most important information, things to do, price, meditation course, ANNAPURNA trekking 


Probably you are flying to the main port in Nepal [KATHMANDU], of course you need to organise all the paper, REMEMBER TO HAVE A PEN WITH YOU !!!, some pictures(us usually) (link how to make is coming), print the paper (link), 40$

  • Accommodation
Geetanjali Marg, Kathmandu 44616, Nepal
+977 1-5161089
<4$ per night
Rating 9.1
walking distance to Thamel(nice and quiet area)
the best option is book via or phone call!!!
This is a great idea to stay few days, feel the city, try street food, see the REAL place!
Probably you want to buy some staff for the trekking or you need a new pants to start your course of meditation ! —>GO TO THAMEL—> NIESAMOWITY BAZAR you need to bargain all the time!
Let’s go back to these two amazing things, Nepal is the perfect spot for that!

  • MEDYTATION course
you can check what you like, but more less is about to stay with monks for 5 days, eat the same food, practice meditation, no access to the internet (if you want to cheat, outside is one place with good coffee I LOVE COFFEE !!! but nothing else !!!
Cost us around 80$

  • Daily routine:
6:30-7.30: First meditation
9.00-11.30: second and third session of meditation (20min break)
11.30: LUNCH
14.00: fourth and fifth session of meditation (20min break)
17.00: TEA TIME
18.30: DINNER
19.30-20.30 : last meditation course
SECOND is my Favourite ANNAPURNA TREKKING ( between 8-15 days) We did without guide, to do the pass we had a porter but only for the most important part THORONG PHEDI(4450m) – THORONG LA PASS (5416m)
We skip the part from BESISAHAR(820m) to TIMANG(2350m) and we finish in JAMSON ( because cash machine was frozen ) WTF???:D
If you want to know where is a hot spring on the way ask me!!!! Trust me you want to know this things Also I can write some post about the trekking if you would like to see, just let me know!!!!
  • Now see things about the price:
ACAP Permit ~ 20$
TIMS card ~ 20$
You can to do this for example in Katmandu
~5$ this is the price for accommodation, you will find them(or they gonna find you ) on the way!!! JUST RELAX, don’t worry normally if you are going there after season you will get lunch/dinner for ~5$ and then accommodation is free.
My friend Ashly (South Africa) and I have done this really spontaneously trekking without big preparation before, during meditation course we invite Valentino(German) and Daniela(Mexico) to trek with us, before the most important part we meet Lidia and Frank(Spain), Lucas(Austria), they decided to joined us!
By the way, POKHARA this is really beautiful city!!! After trekking you gonna enjoy the street food a lot! You can also eat the pizza, pasta or have a good coffee
Rent a boat. visit peace pagoda(really nice view), do paragliding, rent a bike, bicycle everything you need We were invite for nepalis wedding Do you want to know the story? tell me in comment!

  • THINGS YOU NEED to try:
Travel with local bus (crazy stuff)
Bargain about the price(so much fun)
Street food(mo-mo, thukpa , buff chow-mein, dal bhat, vegetarian dish)
Dal Bhat- never end story, when you finish they gonna bring you more for free!
TREKKING min 5days
MEDITATION min 5 days
If you have any question put to the comments !!!
Source :-  Maciek Wałkiewicz


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