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Our Night Home

Our Night Home

The only source of power, which we have found along the way yesterday was our night home. There we conjured really tried and very friendly Nepalesin at our request a finished noodle soup. And another one. The did well. At least until the second half of the bowl … And then came the’Abenteuer night ‘! Even when we arrived the power was a misfire. In twenty minutes wird’s walk again, said the landlady. Well, then we take a shower only just time, as long as there are from outside light! My sister was allowed first today. And how she wanted to today time does not wash their hair by a miracle!Then it was my turn: stinky clothes down, wet spraying, soaping, … water comes out! Like right now? I sent my sister for nice lady to ask for them, that they might as turning up a rooster or something. But the answer that came back was: We do not have electricity. The referring here obviously also on the water flow in the pipe! But immediately managed me the two join forces a large bucket with water from another tap zoom. Drin a small Häfelchen with which I after a good quarter of an hour the itchy soap could spill from his body to me now. I recapitulate: No water, no electricity, no light, no internet anyway, no fan. But for Rudel A biting mosquitoes that rejoiced over thieving’The Night of open Fenster’! For this purpose, the bed as wide as two beer tables and the mattress hard as a dance floor. How should I as a belly sleeper because pressing the plump stomach soup into the ground there?

This is called a well-‘harte night ‘. It is precisely when we were asleep, came new guests. And fighting over a good ten minutes to full volume with the Nepalese … outside in the corridor, in front of our open windows. Sometime my sister said in a tearful, trembling voice: “The rain on me soooo” – “Yes go and stay out sag’ them to be quiet,” I gave her back overslept and admittedly somewhat listless.So she took off the bed next door a shrill whistle and a “HE !!!Silence! “And there is none else dared to breathe. For two seconds.”Well, I would have not done it now,” I said still super smart. But when the so went on a few more minutes, and it became clear no end, even my patience was stretched slowly: I stood up, grabbed my flashlight, tore open the Holzür, light cone to the right …, light cone to the left … and since I had caught ! I step to the left end of the corridor and asked the guy if he really could not argue quietly located. After all, here are a few more guests in the house who would perhaps like to sleep. “Yes, but there was no electricity,” he said in dismay. Oh nooo! There is no water and no light! The only thing you can do here is sleep. And I would like now! … He nodded sympathetically and after two minutes there was silence. All night long! Who would have thought?

But in the morning, just as I had been asleep for the first time really deep and relaxed after overridden fatigue on the eve, I tore this Vollpfosten with a heated dispute on the phone from a deep sleep. I was dead tired and hungry. And who wants to see me in this lottery six-combi, is really your own fault degree. This time I cried only from the bed to my night’s rest. But he only responded no. How does one want him there’s help, he wants it so clearly: I had to get out of bed.But that has its price! I grabbed the lad and wanted to tear him to be idiot-Phone from the styluses. But he clutched it like a thick tree trunk in the swift current. Well, then retains your shit-Phone, I thought to myself and pushed him into the open air at least from the hallway. But the way he clutched saving in its door frame. Well, then just go in there! I slammed the door shut, locking front and hung on the safety nor our castle before. And the key, he gets again until I at least still could sleep one hour in complete silence from now on! … It was Muxmäuschenstill! For good hour and a half. Then something drummed against wood. I heard about it only from a wide, sleepy distance. But my sister told me later that she had then brought him the key, because he had kept quiet for so long. And when they unlocked him, he hung like a monkey with his arms in the window grille to the corridor … A bit plagued me already the decency-conscience, now that I had slept. But at breakfast I suddenly smiled at another guest and said with both thumbs up: “You did very well”

It was this night a conceivable good basis for today, the last day of biking! We came back at midday and going on it was already burning hot. And it went uphill. Google had prepared us for good Fourteen hundred meters pass! The stomach is still flat, the forces there, I saw only one salvation: Pray for rain! But there remained the sky bright blue! And it was the way steeper. And the traffic dense and aggressive. The difficult (ii) be (r) overloaded truck spewed black clouds of soot from the exhausts rabe and clouded the already dusty view. They honked and they raced past us like savages! They cut us and boxed us from the blacktop. Where he had just stopped, the idyllic Highway? Now that it went up into the mountains before Katmandu, they turned somehow all at the wheel! The stench I could even think of eating less, than the days before. Half a cucumber and four apples were the sparse day balance that ensured my survival. And further we went up! Until we finally could see something like a pass – at least three hundred meters in the future!

Then it dawned. Not mine! But around me. We were running late!Or rather, we were too late! Much too late! We were lucky if we got to the top in brightness. But from there, it would then still be a good fifteen kilometers to the Hostel – we never make it! Well, we take up again the hotel. We fought and fought and fought! All fifteen minutes I glanced at the altitude difference meter, which should motivate us. And every half hour we were allowed to enjoy a five minute break. With such a plan is drawn a bit more easily up the slope. But at some point is simply every trick just yet well intentioned. The body can no longer simply!

But we managed YOU’VE GOT! Above we were! Overlooking Katmandu. And the sunset. Now more than ever we went down times. But find a hotel? In Bacon äääh rather filth belt capital?Because that was all already officially Katmandu. But here we could hold no ten horses. The people all ran with face masks around so angry reeked and smoked the Highway! And a nice hotel? Forget it!At some point I said to my sister: “What do you mean, wir’s pack until the hostel?” Once upon a time across the swamp on the other side of town! But she nodded: “Jo, we can!” And we went into the iron!

Meanwhile, our Expressfax to Peter was well received and the universe sent us the processing status: Check! It was pouring with rain! Now that it was fresh anyway and we others could use as a cooling everything. It was getting dark. And we flowed with the crazed rush hour traffic slowly gen Katmandu center: buses, taxis, motorbikes overtook us and sheared nearly in front of us again. For this purpose, we saw in our rearview mirrors absolutely nothing as glaring blinding headlights. That was a conclusion: In bad weather again by a big city! And before a real ball! I was just glad to my navigator, which steered us unerringly through the windings of the multi-laned roads! Until it was slowly again quiet around us. The cars, motorcycles and buses gradually disappeared, the pedestrian swaths had been replaced by individual passers shoulders hunched under umbrellas pulled down low. And it was even darker. No more street lights, no neon signs. The shops are all hidden behind the lowered rolling shutters. Now it was jerky and hunchbacked. Until the asphalt finally belonged entirely to the past. We headed through deep, filled with muddy water bumps and potholes. The streetscape was narrower and narrower and darker and spooky. I ventured my worst thoughts not to think: What if the address was wrong? What if the Navi distracts us completely wrong? And hardly being considered: “Please turn left now!” But the left was only a long wall!Na bravo! It rained in thick woolen threads and we were both soaked to the skin! And now we were in the middle of the blackest area of ​​Nepal’s capital, and no longer came next? Everything was dark, everything was tight. No car, no passer-by, no mangy mongrel more!

Then came a ray of light from the wall. He belonged to the headlights of a taxi! So there was still a road? She was just three meters wide and could not be registered in the Navi! But we took them anyway. Below, at the end of short stitch, we went even further to the right, as announced by the voice navigation. But the Bollerweg led us anywhere else than in the middle of a thicket and something like a building site access. We had to dismount and push through the sinkholes. But after all: Still, it went on, as indicated in the digital plan. And we actually came back to a small road! But now turned the Navi! I could no longer operate the display by the wet protective film. I wiped with the best efforts, but it was nothing to be done: We lost the plot!

Until I could start navigating new, my sister asked a pedestrian: Hostel? Dormnepal? – Twitching shoulders. No one had ever heard of it! A bit was already worried us now! Then finally came the app back at least we did not have to be far from it – according eingespeichertem destination. But somehow agreed by the thick rain clouds, the GPS function is no longer as reliable: The compass needle spinning wildly in circles, sometimes we should turn left, sometimes right and end just straight we went! We just took all the roads we could take here and finally we heard from my Lenkerpullt: “You have reached your destination!” Unserr target were all hochverriegelte Gartezäune to thick mansions! And behind resplendent radiant chandelier! We were evidently far away from our goal ….

As I said at the last desperation a group of men playing cards in their small shop, if anyone here would have heard something from a hostel? – Ten big eyes, no answer. I said Dormnepal. As a little girl jumped up and pointed with an outstretched arm and Zeigefinter on the chandelier. I repeated: “This is a hostel?” – “Yes!” – “Dormnepal?” – “Yes!”

We rang, it was barking, then came an umbrella and made us the heavy gate on. We were actually there! It was actually our hostel!And there was light, there was a hot shower and there was a soft, wide bunk beds. What a day, what a thrill! Unbelievable, but we managed YOU’VE GOT! Holariolariolario!

Kathmandu (Hostel Dormnepal)

Day Km: 55,85km / Time: 5: 55h / -Höhenmeter: 1.253m

Total Km: 9.484km / Time: 659: 15h / -Höhenmeter: 86.158m

Angela Buhl
It was actually our hostel! And there was light, there was a hot shower and there was a soft, wide bunk beds. What a day, what a thrill!
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Written by: Angela Buhl
Date Published: 08/25/2015
Best hostel in Nepal.
5 / 5 stars