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2 Bedroom Deluxe

The 2 bed dorm room is north faced, big and quiet room. Book this room, if you do not like sharing your room with other guests. We have placed 2 single wooden beds in this room type and is made to accommodate 2 guests at a time. Furthermore, the beds are 7ft in length and 3 and half feet in width. Just for your information, you will not find beds of such length and width in budget accommodations in Nepal.  You can either book the 2 bed dorm entirely for yourself or you can share it with one another guest.

Likewise, the room is furnished like the rest of the rooms in the facility . Too add up, there is an open cloth rack which you can as well be use as luggage rack. Furthermore, the entire room has carpet and also has a handmade, wooden tea table. Not to forget, the room also has 24 hour reading light.

On the other hand, as in every other bedrooms, the beddings are traditional and are hand woven by underprivileged women. Thee room service in the every third day if the room is occupied by the same guest.  Most importantly, we wash and disinfect the bedsheets, pillow covers and blanket covers after every use.

This bedroom is 20 square feet and has big space. The bathroom is common for this room type and the bathroom is modern. You can take hot and cold shower at any time of the day. To clarify, the water in the hostel is underground water which is filtered before supplying it for everyday purpose.

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what is included

    • Free towels
    • On request house keeping
    • Free WIFI access
    • Free Individual large in room lockers
    • Free access to closet and dressing table
    • Free Access to Terrace and Balconies
    • Free Access to lawn and garden
    • 24 hrs hot/cold water
    • On request laundry service