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  • “Excellent place to start your Nepali adventure” – Gilberto

    “Excellent place to start your Nepali adventure” – Gilberto Venezuela

    Lovely old house, great staff. They can help you set up travels and tours around Nepal. Nice environment with other guests. Fantastic WiFi

  • “Great starting point for Nepal” – Hendrik

    “Great starting point for Nepal” – Hendrik Germany

    The team from Dorm Nepal is really outstanding. Super friendly and always ready to help with all sorts of questions. They can also help you to arrange trekking. I did the Khopra Ridge trek with them and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The hostel is a great place to meet people. Also the roof is pretty cool. Very good place to start you Nepal adventure, they make things so much easier for you.

  • “Home away from home” – Dianne Carla Trinidad Antonio

    “Home away from home” – Dianne Carla Trinidad Antonio Philippines

    Everyone has their own preference and this dorm would not always be everyone’s cup of tea. Well as for me, this was home. I stayed here for a total of 18 days in my 30-day stay in Kathmandu (I only left when I did the trek.) I liked that it’s situated in a quiet place in Kathmandu away from the busy and noisy streets of Thamel. Getting to Thamel can be as cheap as Rs 15 anyway if you take the bus, van or tempo (autorickshaw), sometimes we even prefer to walk! I stayed in a 6-bed dorm room and found the bed comfortable and the provided quilts were sufficient in keeping me warm while sleeping. The lockers provided in the room are large enough to put most of my valuables including a medium sized sling bag. They serve breakfast and I always preferred to get it in the dorm instead of making my own and most days I do not even need to say it. I get unsweetened milk tea every morning just the way I like it (and I will miss that!) All the owners are approachable and friendly and are always eager to answer questions and provide help when necessary. What I like is, they give you honest answers, they won’t be there insisting on selling you a tour package you don’t want. They will not just be dorm owners, during your stay they will be your friend if you only allow them to. As a bonus, the dorm has a rooftop where you can watch the sunset and enjoy a bottle or two of beer while bonding with the guests. I cannot wait to come back! 🙂

  • “Home away from home plus more”

    “Home away from home plus more”

    I stayed here for 6 weeks and it was such a good choice. The dorm, rooms, and bathrooms are very clean. It is located out of the tourist area so the air is clean, little noise compared to Thamel and Kathmandu valley, it is safe and secure, are very close to amenities and the staff are very hospitable and professional. I will be returning to Nepal early next year and this is the place I will stay at again. Room Tip: ask for room with large windows to let in sunlight Stayed September 2015, traveled solo

  • “One of the best hostels ever” -Øyvind Hagen

    “One of the best hostels ever” -Øyvind Hagen Jægerbakken, Norway

    Stayed here in-between my treks in Nepal. The place is very affordable and located in a nice quiet area with several small shops just minutes away. The people running the hostel are always smiling and happy to help with anything that might come up. Right onto my top 10 list of hostels worldwide.

    Stayed November 2015, traveled solo

  • “Great place, great atmosphere and great people. Highly recommendable!” –  Steffen Sønderby

    “Great place, great atmosphere and great people. Highly recommendable!” – Steffen Sønderby Copenhagen, Denmark

    I stayed with Dormitory Nepal before and after I went trekking in the Everest region, in a total for around 2 weeks while planning my next trip to India. First I’ll recommend the place because of the people! The staffs kindness, hospitality and willingness to help you in every aspect of your needs are truly remarkable. They can help you with local plaintickets, bustickets or with tips for planning your stay. They even provide a wide selection of guided trekkingtrips or whatever your heart desire. And again its all without being pushy and trying to force you to buy anything.

    The house is an older big house, that used to house a wealthy family. Now it provides a charm where you can feel at home without any stress. The location is a bit far from the central hassle of downtown Thamel (roughly 45 min walk), but with busses going all the time (except during fuel crisis), its really nothing. All in all I really enjoyed my stay, and I cant recommend them enough! If/when I return to Kathmandu, I’ll definitely stay with these guys again. Make sure to join them for dinner and Dal bhat power 🙂
    • Stayed October 2015, traveled solo

  • Especially one cannot complain about the food – Sushma Kongara

    Especially one cannot complain about the food – Sushma Kongara Hyderabad, India

    A strong building with all the amenities, especially one cannot complain about the food, cleanliness and WiFi they go an extra mile to make sure the guest is comfortable and all this at a very affordable price.For me the days spent here are euphoric as they treat the guest with great respect and care. They have real good experience travelling in to the mountains you never get bored of listening to those exhilarating stories. Whether you are travelling solo or with friends I recommend this place for a pleasant stay in Nepal.

    • Stayed April 2015, traveled with friends

  • Best hostel

    Best hostel Khonkean, Khon Kaen, Thailand

    Not only it is the best hostel in Nepal, it has a gorgeous building in a quiet neighbourhood with a beautiful garden. This place is a really good value for money hostel in a peaceful residential part of Kathmandu. Dorm Nepal is great because it’s just a short bus ride away from tourist places like Thamel yet it’s very tranquil. Extremely friendly staff, super clean rooms and bathrooms and plenty of chill out space.

    • Stayed July 2015, traveled with friends

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